Thursday, October 12, 2006

Watering the poinsettia plants

A Red Leaf!

The days are getting shorter now. And the nights are getting longer of course, which means that the 35 000 poinsettia plants (or the bracts on the plants) at Blomorado in Tungelsta slowly are turning red, white and pink.

Normally the automatic watering system at Blomorado takes care of the watering, but sometimes the gardener has to do it by hand which is a very slow process.

You missed one plant over there!


Unknown said...

Hi Stefan, I like the information and photos of these poinsettas. I think it is so interesting the way they develop their colors. And of course they make me think of the holiday season. Thanks for visiting San Antonio DP!

Stefan Jansson said...

Thank you Thiên, the plants arrive in August and I always start to think about winter on that day!