Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In A Row

5 In A Row

I took a brisk morning promenade around Tungelsta. Looking for anything storm related. Couldnt find more than a tree that didnt make it. So instead I took some photos over at Kryddgården. Here is a fun photo with things in a row. Houses in a row. Lamp posts in a row. Fences in a row. Trash cans in a row and swedish flags in a row. Kryddgården is a housing project that I have been following with my camera for a couple of years now.


Jazzy said...

you're very disappointed the storm missed you ;)

Anonymous said...

Im really proud of my fence in the row... took me ages to build =)

Stefan Jansson said...

Ha! I was hoping for some dramatic photos!
Yes, micke, your fence fits in really nicely here.

Kris said...

micke should be proud, its so neat and tidy. Nice environment!