Sunday, July 02, 2006

A commuter train and a bus

I thought I should show you how we commute. I live a 30 minute train ride from Stockholm.

Next Stop Stockholm

This is the new X 60 Commuter Train leaving the Krigslida Station which is one station away from Tungelsta. Some info in english here. If you miss the train there's always a bus. This is the 847 to Ösmo. The Tungelsta bus is the 835. But you can also take the 848 from Västerhaninge which is where this photo is from.

Bus 847


Kala said...

how often do the trains and buses come? In hawaii, during the week days the buses come every 30 minutes until 6 PM - on weekends its every hour - sucks if you just miss it like Ive done a few times

Stefan Jansson said...

The commuter trains goes every 15 minutes during rush hour, other times every half hour. The buses goes every 30 minutes. The last train from Stockholm leaves at 00:52 AM. The first in the morning leaves Tungelsta just after five in the morning.