Friday, August 10, 2018

Babels Torn

Babels torn Ankaret
Very picturesque villa at Dalarö. I could move in tomorrow. It is called Babels torn. It is a four storey high building, although that is tricky to see from this angle. The house was built a century ago by Carl Carlsson who also built another house, (second photo), where he had a department store for many years, Carl Carlssons Diverseaffär. Today that building houses a popular eatery called Restaurang Ankaret. Facts provided by Lars Palmgren, via Sune Nilsson two members of the local historical society Haninge Hembygdsgille.

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William Kendall said...

I imagine if it's built into a hillside, it would surprise you to think of it as four stories if you were looking at it from one side. Ny aunt and uncle had a place like that. It looked like a bungalow from the front yard, but in fact was three stories, and a basement below that too.