Monday, June 11, 2018

Maria Skaring

Maria Skaring Ståltrådskonst
Met the artist Maria Skaring at the art gallery, Galleri Kyrkskolan in Österhaninge yesterday. She showed me some of her metal rod art, also known as "luffarkonst". Luffare was the old Swedish name for a hobo, or a vagabond. And this is an art form that was started by vagabonds back in the day. Maria asked me if I was interested in buying a piece. I had a look at her work and told her that I might buy a piece if it featured a bicycle or perhaps a camera, and she promised to create something like that, so I guess I will have to buy that piece on my next visit! But then again I promised Maria to email her the photos of her work, and the portraits I took of her, both inside the gallery, and outside, in the garden, for free. And I also explained a few things about photography, so that she will be able to shoot decent portraits and macro images of flowers with her Nikon. So given all that, maybe she should give me that sculpture as a thank you next time we meet!


William Kendall said...

She has talent! Excellent portrait!

Lowell said...

Oh, ya shure, you think you're gonna get free art, dontcha know. It might be right but I'd bet it ain't gonna happen. On the other hand, if her photos increase appreciably in quality you may have raised the stakes. Good luck and don't let one of those hobo rods hit you on your way out the door. :))

Jack said...

A fine portrait that seems to have her personality show through. And, I like her work, even though it is not what I usually like.