Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Posing on a Grass Straw

Posing on a Grass Straw
Macro photography can be fun. And hard. I had some trouble getting a good shot here. Doesn't take much wind to get a grass straw to move. And as I was just a centimetre or two away, the poor insect got upset with me and moved around on the straw but in the end I got one good snap and that's all you need.


William Kendall said...

Great shot, Stefan!

Lasse Jansson said...

Snyggt! Ja, det är sannerligen inte enkelt att undvika någon form av oskärpa i denna pyttelilla värld. Antingen rör sig objektet eller annars svajar man själv och skapar oskärpa. En intressant liten insekt på bilden. Jag kan tyvärr inte artbestämma den lille gynnaren.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Nice one Steffe, your patience was well rewarded!