Friday, March 17, 2017

After The Paintball

After The Paintball
For a few year you could play paintball at this property along Årstahavsbadsvägen in Österhaninge. It was quite popular, never tried it myself but I often saw people here. Now it looks like the paintball people have moved on to a new location in another forest in Jordbro and pretty much just left this one to itself. So I decided to have a closer look. You would probably have to be the worlds best real estate broker to sell this property now. Although I could give them a little help. It is very close to the beach and even closer to a couple of golf courses. If you are heading out to the archipelago the ferry port is also close. There's a lot of forest to walk in if you like that sort of thing. The closest malls are also just a short drive away. Any takers?


William Kendall said...

It would take a lot of work, but there is potential there.

bill burke said...

If the price is right, I imagine someone would see the potential and buy it and create their vision for it.

Jack said...

Over time the paint will fade away.