Monday, October 31, 2016

Sixteen October Scenes

Sixteen October Scenes
Scary ghost flying over Nathalie's head at the cafe. Red apples at Lillhammar in Tungelsta. Dark sky at Jordbro. New bike light for my fixie as it is getting very dark now. Car at Gudöbroleden in Handen. My reflection in a new BMX installation at Eskilsparken in Handen. Autumn colors. Woman walking up to the old tree. Graffiti. Autumn leaf. Tungelsta commuter station, always under construction. Mushroom. Another leaf. School apartments at the old "Fredrik" school in Handen. That BMX installation. Graffiti at an underpass in Jordbro.


Lowell said...

I enjoy these collages very much. Lots of different things to see and I appreciate your superb photography!

William Kendall said...

I like this mix of images.

Unknown said...

It shows how your mind is working; and, it is far more entertaining than 16 images of the same thing. Very original idea worth noting here.