Saturday, July 07, 2012

Zooming in on the tail light

Tail light merca
Took a photo shoot bike ride through Handen with my flickr buddy Jim the other day. We stopped at the industrial park and that's where we noticed a 1950 Mercedes-Benz 170 Sedan parked at a company that seemed to be in the plastic industry. I walked in and found the owner of the company. It was his car. He had owned it for around forty years and used it as his every day car for a decade, but these days he only drove it during the summer.


VP said...

I like both pictures, the search for hidden reflections is always interesting.

Mr Paul said...

Same here, I love searching for the creator of an image with the help of reflections.


Unknown said...

What a beauty! Great reflection shot too. said...

It is a good thing that the car owner also owns the company. I used to have a classic Mercedes. The price of getting parts was explained by the auto shop by telling me that the parts were gold plated.

The good news, besides the pleasure of driving the car, was that when I sold it after driving it as my everyday car for 8 years I got more money for it than I paid for it.

James said...

Cool car and reflection!

Catherine said...

Great effects in this shot

Sharon said...

He's certainly taken great care of it!

Anil P said...

It looks great. Cars need curves to project allure. Functionality is fine, but modern day cars could do with a little more style than appear to be copies of each other.

Nice one.

Halcyon said...

I love old timers like this one. It's in great condition!

Your reflection is nice too. :)

FilipBlog said...

Great car and good idea of the shot in the light.


janerowena said...

I love that car. Anil is right, it's hard to tell what car is what nowadays. It's very sad - no individuality.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh very cool self portrait and a very elegant old beauty..the car I mean haha!

Unknown said...

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