Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The girl in the white summer dress

The girl in the white summer dress

I checked out Nevena at a checkout counter in a grocery store a few days ago. As I walked out of the store two minutes later I saw her again, and decided to ask if I could take a portrait. Luckily for me she said yes. Nevena told me that she was heading to an island in the Haninge archipelago. It was a very warm and sunny day, so to me that sounded like a good plan. Nevena lives in Stockholm, but is heading for China soon, as she will start a six month long intern-ship at the Swedish Trade Council's office in Beijing. She speaks three languages, Swedish, Serbian and English, but she will try to learn Mandarin now.


T. Becque said...

She's got some very marketable languages, good for her.

Bob Crowe said...

You have an amazing knack for inspiring trust in attractive young women. It's a good thing you are on the light side of the Force.

I hope she does okay with Mandarin. In lots of east Asian languages, the meaning of words is based on rising, falling or even pitch, unlike what we're used to. It's hard.

Jack said...

Nevena seems to be a capable woman. Good luck to her. Your portrait shows a quiet woman with a somewhat awkward posture, maybe not sure of herself. I wonder if that is what she is like, or if that is just a quirk in this one photo.

Birdman said...

Gonna be hot here again today. The islands are a good thought.

Gunn said...

Please send some summer temperatures over to Norway..... soon.
Nice young woman!:)

Stefan Jansson said...

Will do Gunn.

I don't speak a word Mandarin Bob, it's all Greek to me!

We talked for a few minutes Jack and she did mention that she always felt a bit uneasy in front of a camera.