Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Tree Trimmer

The Tree Trimmer

This is Kenneth. He works for the council in Haninge. I met him today at Lower Lake Rudan in Handen. He was busy trimming and pruning trees and bushes along the many paths around the lake. Which is good news for me as I use these paths on a weekly basis. I asked him if I could take a portrait, and he said, fine by me. We talked a bit about the weather, as Swedes often do (it was a cold, but beautiful day). Kenneth has lived in Haninge for more than forty years. On his free time he often travels north to Dalarna where he was born. He has a summer house up there and spends much of his time in the garden. After this brief conversation I took a couple of shots and that was that.

As I really enjoyed the 100 Strangers Project, I have decided to continue with that type of portraits in a series I call Portraits of others.


Anonymous said...

I like this kind of photo, ordinary people going about their daily work. On the whole people do not mind having their photo taken.

Stefan Jansson said...

Very true Paul. I noticed that when I did the 100 Strangers project. Most people that I asked said yes, and now I'm hooked!

Andrew said...

I like this series. I always want to post more often. Good job, both with the photos themselves as well as with getting them up everyday.