Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tradition with a Twist

Tradition with a Twist

For forty years we have had an odd Christmas tradition in Sweden. It's against the law, and an American tourist was sentenced to prison for following this tradition a couple of years ago. Here is the story: In Gävle an association called the Southern Merchants build a giant Yule Goat from straw every Christmas. And then we do our best to burn it down! Often successfully, despite police protection and soldiers guarding the goat. You can read more at Wikipedia. And HERE is the web cam. This smaller version can be found in Handen and has survived so far...


Pat said...

What an interesting tradition!

Where's the snow? lol

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Stefan Jansson said...

The snow is long gone. Been grey skies for the last few weeks over here.

Priscilla said...

That American tourist sounds like an idiot.

Speaking of America...my corner of it is coooooolllllldddd!!!!!!! (that was me shivering while typing that) Tons of snow fell over the weekend.