Saturday, October 06, 2007

Abstract Art (guessing game)

Abstract Art

So what is this? Tell me what you think it is. If you guess and guess wrong I will post a photo here on Monday with the solution. All I will you is that it's part of a much bigger artwork and that you will find it in Västerhaninge.



I love competitions! If its quite large...I guess it may actually be used as some kind of public seat...where people can sit to relax. Am I right or am I right?!! Greetings from TORUN DAILY PHOTO here in Poland!!!!

Gerald (SK14) said...

It looks like a pebble and I thought it might be a game of hop-scotch but probably not.

Stefan Jansson said...

I wouldnt recommend anyone to sit here. And jumping around here could send you to the hospital. Good guesses guys, but I'm afraid not correct!