Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Payphone!


How long before all payphones will be gone? Here at the shopping centre in Västerhaninge a joker has written the word "bög" on the phone. It means gay, so this could be a gayphone according to a few of my flickr contacts, at least if you use the old meaning of gay: BRIGHT, brightly coloured, vivid, brilliant, vibrant; richly coloured, many-coloured, multicoloured; flamboyant, showy, gaudy. Sometimes when I take photos that look dull, I try to make them more interesting by using the cutout technique. I think this is a good example of that. And on another note people use this phone every day. If you wanna see more cool cutout photos press here.


Kim said...

I like this photo a lot. Very effective use of that technique.

blueboat said...

Great photo - fantastic use of colour.

broop said...

Did you stick your finger in the coin return bit to see if there was any change steffe?

Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks people. No I didnt check for the change, but I will keep it in mind!