Friday, January 02, 2009

Mulsta in Black & White


As everyone that has ever visited this photo blog knows, I enjoy going back for another photo. Sometimes because it's an obsession, or a project, or just because it's great to be able to show everyone my favorite places in different seasons. This year will be no different. Although I will probably shoot a few more black and white photos. Today I picked Mulsta in Tungelsta. The village dates back some 700 years. This building from 1893 was known as a Länsmansboställe, as was the building that stood here before it. For a few centuries many Vassals lived here. Today it's a private recidence.


Kate said...

Interesting links, Steffe...thanks. Wouldn't I love to have this building as a private residence!!

Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks Kate. I have a photo of the entrance to their property over at flickr. Very majestic with two big trees at the gate.