Monday, June 13, 2011

The Traffic Consultant

The Traffic Consultant

Heading For the Beach

Spotted this guy in Jordbro on Saturday. He was lost. And late for a meeting down at my favorite beach Årsta Havsbad, so I decided to help him out. This is Bo Dellensten. He works as a traffic consultant. His company has worked with many municipalities in the greater Stockholm area, including Huddinge Tyresö and Nacka, but not Haninge, at least not yet. Bo is obviously a keen cyclist (despite not owning a bike map over Haninge). But he did have a GPS mounted on the bike. He has used this recumbent bicycle for a number of years. It's a Dutch made bike, a M5 20-20. Bo also has a web site about cycling, called He has worked as a journalist and written a few books about cycling.


Barcelona m'enamora said...

This is a very comfortable way to practice sport! It's like being stretched on the couch! ;)
Regards from Barcelona, Pilar.

Jack said...

I have read that recumbent bicycles are better, but they look uncomfortable to me.

brattcat said...

I'd be a little worried about a traffic specialist who got lost even with a GPS.

Sharon said...

I've always wondered if sitting on a bicycle like this is bad for your neck.

Julie said...

Had to chuckle about BC's comment!

He does look as though not much would faze him!!