Sunday, July 03, 2011

Medium, Shaman, Medicine Man and Punk Legend

Medium, Shaman, Medicine Man and Punk Legend

Reading from Ante's business card it says: Medium, Shaman, Medicine Man. Writer. Poet. Wheelchair Punker. Anarchist. Photographer. And a bit more. I met Ante Blomberg at the cafe yesterday. Back in the 1980s Ante became a frequent visitor to the legendary Ultra House in Handen. He was a singer in a punk band called Producerat Uppror. The punk band De Lyckliga Kompisarna (The Happy Friends), has written a song about Ante, you can watch it here. These days he reads tarot cards, and works as a Shaman. He told me that he saw his first ghost earlier this year. It wasn't anything he wanted to discuss further, but he has helped a lot of people who have had problems with ghosts, over the last few years. Oh, and he has a very unique tattoo. It depicts the Ultra House. You can see the photo if you press here.


Mark said...

Great post Steffe. What an interesting person who could obviously tell a few tales. The song was cool esp the drum solo.Ultra House sounds mad but also one of those Zeitgeist places that should not go on for too long unless it becomes a parady of itself. I am not a fan of tats but understand and quite like the one on the M,S,MM & PL's arm.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Fabulous portrait Steffe and what an interesting man, he looks like he could tell many an intriguing story..!

Birdman said...

Does he do windows???????

Kitty said...

Mark is fascinated with ghosts. There are a couple ghost shows here in the States that he watches all the time. I don't really enjoy the shows, quite frankly.

It'd be cool to know Ante's experiences.

Tinsie said...

What a character!