Saturday, May 31, 2008

Årsta Castle

Årsta Castle

This is Årsta Slott in Österhaninge.The castle as it looks today was built by Claes Hansson Bielkenstierna and his wife Barbro Åkesdotter Natt och Dag around 1650. Other famous owners include the Bremer family, and Fredrika Bremer, wrote some of her books here. Another owner was Hans Johan Hierta, who founded Aftonbladet. If you visit today you can have lunch here after a round of golf. I only stopped for a few photos after a visit to the nearby beach.

Bigger photo.


Jill said...

Nice shot. I love to see these old buildings so well cared for. What a beautiful field of yellow--I wonder what that is?

Stefan Jansson said...

Oops I wonder why I forgot to mention that. It's a rapeseed field. Blooming a little earlier than normal I think.

Erika said...

I do not mean to be naive, but is this castle in Sweden?

Stefan Jansson said...

It sure is. Press on the photo to get to flickr. Most of my photos have a map function so that you can see where the photo was taken.