Monday, May 05, 2008

Open Fields

Open Fields 360

I really enjoy shooting panoramic views. It's so easy now in the Digital Age. There are many different ways to taking 360 photos. Here's how I do it. After finding the best spot from where to shoot, I aim the camera at an object (preferably the closest one, here I choose the birch trees to the left). I then press the shutter half way down and turn off auto focus. The next step is going to a manual setting that works, take one test photo, and if that one looks good I start shooting, Remember to overlap. It's better to take a few extra photos (as it doesn't cost you anything). I always shoot in the portrait mode. This 360 is from the weekend. I'm standing on the top of a field in Österhaninge. You can see Kalvsvik, the Österhaninge golf course and Husby. And a few other places. There's an ancient grave field at Hässlingby and this is where I took my Autumn Wallpaper photo. I used 15 photos shot in portrait mode for the panorama. Looks a lot better at the original size. When it comes to the stitching I use the free software Autostitch or the stitching tool in Photoshop, but there are many more to choose from.


Olivier said...

superbe panorama, il est impressionnant. j'adore faire des panoramas, comme toi j'utilise autostitch.

superb panorama, it is impressive. I love making panoramas, like you I use autostitch.

Gordon said...

An impressive panorama; and thanks for the detail on how you do it. I will give it a go sometime.

Stefan Jansson said...

You really should. Cool to have a panorama like this one on the wall I think.