Sunday, May 18, 2008

Meet Erika


Say hello to the girl with the green hair. This is Erika. I met her in Västerhaninge. She was with her dog, a cavalier king charles named Viktor. She comes from Skogås, and is a student at the ESS-gymnasiet. When she's old enough, her painted eyebrows may loose out to a tattooed version. On her free time Erika enjoys horse back riding, and has a horse down at Årsta Säteri in Österhaninge. This is my 32th photo for the 100 Strangers project. You can see the rest of my strangers in my Set.


stromsjo said...

Hey I could try that hair colour. Well, if I actually had any hair of course.

Kim said...

She is very beautiful. I love seeing her eyes. A great portrait.

In the thumbnail view she looked like a combination of the Grinch and Cindy lou from the Dr. Seuss books.

Marie Reed said...

It's nice to meet you Erika. I am enthralled by your stranger project! I am in France and am so excited to explore Sweden through your site!