Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sixteen Snaps V

Sixteen Recent Snaps
From my most recent photo promenade. Sixteen snaps from Krigslida, Nedersta and Välsta. It was another cold day. I walked over a field my family once owned. It was filled with leftover materials from the recent renovation of the commuter platform at Krigslida. I used the new exit at the platform and took a short-cut over another field to get to the old tree. On the way I spotted a couple of skiers and a man out trekking. I took two photos of a house that sits just behind the new noise barrier along the railway line. One of those snaps was taken far away from a hill top at Välsta.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Very diverse and enjoyable collection of images Steffe..

Merisi Vienna said...

Winter can be so beautiful when the sky is blue! Very interesting snapshots, Did I spot an RV? The cat sure has found a warm sunny spot!

Unknown said...

Your 16 snaps mosaics are always good!