Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Carina & Åsa

Carina & Åsa ♫

After my photo shoot in the orchard I headed towards the pond but had to turn back as I all of a sudden heard a flute and then a woman started singing. I walked over to see what was going on. It turned out to be Carina and Åsa. I asked if I could take a photo, they said yes, and I started to shoot while listening to them as they played a song by Evert Taube. Then we started to talk a little. Carina who is from Fruängen works as a music teacher in Tyresö, and is a member of the musical ensemble Raka Rör. For Åsa, who comes from Järfälla, music is a passion. Funnily enough they met for the first time today! They were rehearsing for a wedding ceremony that would take place later this afternoon here in the orchard. It's a very private affair they told me. It will only be the two of us and the bride and groom who are from the northern city of Umeå. We will play a few songs, like the one you just heard by Taube and also Last Spring by Edward Grieg and a few others. After that I said goodbye to the ladies and walked away to the sound of music. This is my 55th photo for the 100 Strangers project. You can see the rest of my strangers in my Set


Olivier said...

merci pour la vidéo, je ne connaissais pas. beau trio avec la sculpture.

thank you for video, I did not know. beautiful trio with sculpture.

Nathalie said...

The three girls together make a fantastic trio. Much more fun than the statue alone!

Hilda said...

What good luck you had to hear their music! And your photo of the three women is lovely.

Steffe said...

Thanks all. Spot on Nathalie!