Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Great Minds Think Alike

Mission Accomplished

Closing in on a roundabout in Handen today I noticed a photographer dressed in leather in action. It was Carina who was busy documenting the thousands of tulips that are growing in the roundabout. When she and Totte (who owns the Harley), passed by here a few days ago Carina told him that she needed to document that and that was what she was doing when I met them today.

Oh, and please don't forget to read about the young banker in the post that disappeared the other day!


VP said...

A Harley would be just fine, but I am not sure if I can ride it!

Bob Crowe said...

If anyone in Sweden was born to be wild, these are the people.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I really respect your ability to approach people, learn their stories, and take their pictures. I'm not there yet.