Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter at Ängshagen

Winter at Ängshagen

Old Barn No Longer

On a recent promenade I stopped at Ängshagen along Vädersjövägen for a photo. It is an old farm close to where my mother grew up. Today it is a horse farm. Seven years ago I took a photo of a very old shed here,PRESS HERE to see that photo. Sadly the last two winters was too much for that building as you can see on my second photo.


Lorac said...

Nice looking old farm. Pitty the shed fell in.

brattcat said...

Poor shed. We have roofs collapsing in New England left and right under the heavy weight of this winter's snow. Sometimes, I fear, livestock has been lost. I trust nothing was left in this shed when it came down.

Buck said...

Beautiful farm. Winter is hard on buildings that are no longer maintained.

Anonymous said...

Your photography is excellent Steffe, but I want you to see a photographer whose work is stunning and I know you will appreciate it too. Please have a look for yourself.

I lived in the Army in Japan as a young man and was introduced to cameras and photograph in 1953. So I like Japan even today.

You can spend hours there. Let me know if you do not come away totally inspired.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Irredento Urbanita said...

Snow doesn't forgive.



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