Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Picture Postcard

Picture Postcard

Summer colors at Sommarvägen (Summer Road) in Handen. If you walk really slow from here, it will take you several minutes to get down to Lake Rudan. If you're on the bike like me it's a sixty second ride.

The address is:
Sommarvägen 12
136 40 Handen
That is if you would like to print this as a postcard and send it to them.

Bigger photo.


Z said...

I'm almost tempted... :-) I wonder what they would think?

Curly said...

It's a nice picture, I too wonder what they might think.

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Anonymous said...

Nice idea, printing the picture and sending them the postcard. They might be surprised.

I didn't do much today but...

I did write about how people used to wear long underwear over winter or until we began to stink. You can find the link at the bottom of the post today.

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Stefan Jansson said...

I think they would be happy and a bit surprised, at least when they see that the card comes from another country. If you would like to give it a go, download the original size.

Lennart said...

Have they changed the postal code to 6 digits?

Stefan Jansson said...

No that was a typing error the postal code is 136 40 Handen