Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New House

New House

Not the best weather for putting up a new house. It was raining on and off all day. This is the third house being lifted in place at Solsäter in Lida. All the houses are prefabricated and arrive on trucks. It can take up to a day to unload all parts including the roof. Then depending on whether you do the rest yourself or hire a professional anything from a month to four months before you can move in. This one of the many building sites around Haninge that I try to follow with my cameras.

Bigger photo.


Anonymous said...

I like your photograph. It shows the house in its better minutes. Being assembled. They say a prefabricated home is much better than one "stick built" as the prefab home is better insulated and better built. There is less of a chance for things to go wrong.

Have your ever seen the top of two Hondas?

Stefan Jansson said...

Havent seen a stick built house for a few years. Prefab rules over here!