Monday, May 21, 2007

Ad Campaign Humour

Pope Joke

We all know the pope joke used as a metaphor. Over here a broadcasting company called Viasat decided to use this kind of humour in their latest ad campaign. Two typical Finns (if you like stereotyping that is), are talking. In this one (there are three versions), the dialog goes something like this: Is the sauna warmed up Jarmo? Does the Pope sleep on his back? When you're done laughing head over to the next joke. There has always been a love/hate relationship between Finland and Sweden. As is the norm between good neighbours! Swedes see finnish men as heavy drinking sauna types always wearing a knife. Whereas finns thinks of the swedish man as a big sissy. Me, I don't have a sauna, but I do drink, and I own a knife, but it's just a Swiss Army Knife.


Anonymous said...

Clever--the joke and the photo. I like this kind of joke and your narrative is excellent.

Bob Crowe said...

This is genuinely weird. The cartoon characters look like they are from South Park. This is impression is reinforced by the "Yippie Ki-Yay" line, which we think of as an American cowboy cry.

We have a good/bad relationship with Canada in a similar way. Americans stereotype Canadians as frozen, beer-swilling, hockey-playing left wingers who say "eh?" all the time. I'll leave it to Canadians to say what they think about us.


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Nathalie H.D. said...

Very weird - not sure what to make of it. Not sure either what the advertised product is? And how the text relates to the product ?

Sorry if I don't get it, I'm just a slow Aussie (the british see them as backward bush cowboys !)

Stefan Jansson said...

The ad is for some new tv show. I don't have that channel, so I don't know what it's about.