Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Life at the farm

Life on the farm

A rural scene I just had to shoot. From the Nedersta Farm that I have shown you before. I pass this place every day and often stop to photograph the tree lined avenue, the animals or some of the buildings.


Dan said...

Love the clouds!

Z said...

I like the composition. Nice clouds with bits of blue sky. Horses and sheep. For some reason, on my screen, the trees look more yellow than green. By the way, I visited your Flickr page. Love the tree on your desktop!

Stefan Jansson said...

The trees are a bit yellow, and just because you like the desktop photo I will upload the original photo to flickr!

Anonymous said...

A near-perfect photograph. It could be here where I live as we have the same kinds of animals.

See what Brookville has blowing in the wind.