Friday, April 06, 2018


I just had a cold beer. Italian. Birra Moretti. And here is proof. The container that I mentioned in yesterdays post is starting to fill up. Thinking about a new roof for the veranda so the old PVC roof might end up in that container tomorrow. But the weatherman is promising warmer weather again, and if that happens I might take one of the bicycles for a longish spin tomorrow, something I really need to do for several reasons, one being that I am out of material to post on the blog.


William Kendall said...

Good macro shot!

Lowell said...

If the beer was as authentic and enticing as this photo of the bottle, you did well. I sincerely hope you can get out biking soon. If you read my post today, you'll probably guess that I am a bike enthusiast. In fact, I bought a new one - a Trek Verve 3 - which was nowhere near as expensive as the one listed! I had my old one for 11 years so I figured if I didn't make a change soon, I'd be dead and where would that get me. Nowhere! It's a great bike for this area with no snow and lots of paved trails.

Bob Crowe said...

I never drink beer when wearing a fedora, but I like the soft edges of the photo. Must have been a wide open aperture,