Sunday, July 30, 2017

Nils Skogmyr

Nils Skogmyr
This is Nisse Skogmyr. He is a man with a dream. And he made that dream come true! Together with his wife Lotta he has opened a nostalgia museum in the port city of Nynäshamn. It is called Mopedum. The museum part is very special. You walk in and turn to the left and are suddenly back in 1952. The Mopedum museum focuses on the years between 1952 and 1979. There are lots of info about all the products, fashion items, mopeds and what have you that were popular during that era. And you can follow the life of Clas-Göran and Barbro through that time. After spending a long time in the museum recognising more and more as I headed into the 70s, I walked over to the cafe. It is called Kafé Radiokakan, named after a popular cake from way back when. The cafe is also very very vintage, they even serve pastries that were popular between the 1950s and the 1970s. There's also a jukebox at the cafe and we listened to a couple of tunes from the 1970s, including Airport with The Motors. Nisse started the cafe back in 2012. If you visit during an evening you will find yourself in a popular pub with live music! I have to say that I was very impressed with everything I saw during my visit and I will probably go back again. I will show you the museum snaps tomorrow.


William Kendall said...

A good portrait of him!

Stuart said...

That is indeed a nice shot of him. I waiting to be depressed to see things that I used to own and use in his museum. Life was a bit simpler back then.