Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The last Classic Car meet of the Summer

45 Plastic Fantastic Cobra Eyes Your Typical Paparazzo
I visited the big car meet at Sundby Gård on Saturday. They have a weekly meet every Wednesday during the Summer month and they counted 544 cars at one of those meets. This meet was the season finale and the second annual Classic Cars and Customs as it is called. I arrived with my buddy Bengt, (he is the guy in the fourth photo), in the early afternoon. As we approached we noticed many cars leaving and we asked why only to be told that the park was filled to capacity! So we parked outside and walked in. It is Mid-September but it was a as hot as on a very warm Swedish Summer day and when we left after three hours i was really feeling the heat. More photos from this event in the coming days.


William Kendall said...

Classic cars seem to be such an irresistible photo subject!

Judy said...

I like the one in the second photo the best. That paint job had to be pricey but worth it.

Jack said...

It seems that flames are popular among the attendees.