Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Historian

The Historian hilding_1 Bautasten Historian and author Hilding Eklund shooting with hos old analogue Nikon during our walk around the Nödesta farm yesterday. Hilding has published 11 books about Haninge. If you are local you can probably find them at the Haninge libraries. You will see a lot of his photos in the books. The red building in the background here should be familiar to you by now. It is an old smithy,also used by day labourers many years ago, they slept in the room with the two big windows. There was a laundry in the basement. On the second photo Hilding is taking a photo of a Bautasten. The farmer Janne Claesson, (the guy in the cowboy hat) told us that he had previously turned the stone around to see if it might have been a runestone, but he found noting to support that theory.


Luis Gomez said...

Great post Steffe.

Lasse Jansson said...

Vilken härlig profil det verkar vara, mannen med den slitna kameran. Ett utmärkt sätt att fånga upp fakta om omgivningarna när man har ett sällskap runt omkring sig.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Historian and archeologist ..two of the most interesting professions!