Saturday, February 02, 2013

Frozen Execution Rock

Frozen Execution Rock
I have shown you this rock before, but as it looked a bit different on this visit, here it is again. Back when Sweden still was a barbaric country we used to execute people at this rock near Hanveden. The last person to die here was the farm worker Anders Gustav Pettersson, who brutally murdered his employer Hugo Fredrik Jaedren at the gates to the Näringsberg estate. That was back in 1855. When I passed the rock earlier in the week I noticed ice and decided to take a few photos.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

A grisly reminder of harsh times Steffe.

Lowell said...

What a rock! What a history! I wonder if any of my ancestors met their fate at this rock!

Diane Streicher @ Diane Again said...

I'm horrified and intrigued, all at the same time.