Saturday, March 17, 2012




This is Fredrik. Or Fredde. I met him for the first time two years ago at my favorite cafe, Malmens Konditori in Handen. Since then I have met him almost on a weekly basis. He will often bring his laptop to the cafe and try to get some work done. Often he fails miserably because it is so much more fun chatting away an hour or so with one or three of the other guests. Here he is enjoying a semla. And as you can see he eats it a bit different compared to me as he uses a gaffel, that is a fork for you. Fredde has his own business. He has an idea for an energy saving device that he thinks could be worth a lot of money. When he is not eating semla's at the cafe he will probably spend some quality time with his daughter, and it is her you can see on the second photo.He stays fit by going to the gym and he also enjoys dancing.


Jack said...

You caught him licking his lips as he gets ready to start eating. Inspired!

Mo said...

Love that first portrait.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

I think you have made a good friend, it seems to becoming a favorite place for both person !

PerthDailyPhoto said...

He really does look as if he's going to enjoy the semla a lot Steffe, you caught him with a great expression! in the second image you can feel the 'fun' between Frednk and his daughter.

CaT said...

im curious about semla.
looks like hes enjoying it!
i have a friend who just moved to sweden, and she was talking about semla too.. :)