Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Jazz Singer

The Jazz Singer

As I was watching the 2008 Lucia Emma Johansson, perform with her maids at the shopping centre in Västerhaninge on Saturday, I spotted a very pretty Santa in the crowd. She turned out to be a jazz singer. This is Ulrika Goliats Fredriksson. She lives in Tungelsta and works as a salesperson. Her big passion is music. On this day she was singing with a band, The Anders Lindgren's Quartet. They played a few typical Christmas songs before and after the performance from the Lucia. In between gigs I got a chance to talk to her. As we started to chat the band leader, Anders Lindgren closed in on us and wanted to know from what paper this photographer came from! This is a busy season for Ulrika. Earlier in the week she performed for the Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt at the parliament building Rosenbad in Stockholm. It was a private affair with only the PM's closest advisor's. Next week she will be performing at the Ministry of the Environment. Ulrika also plays in a band called Stay Up and they play cover songs from the sixties and forward. After taking a few photos I stayed around and listened to a few songs and all I can say is that the girl can sing!

As I really enjoyed the 100 Strangers Project, I have decided to continue with that type of portraits. And this is fifth in the series.


Kate said...

It's a wonderful portrait. Thanks, too, for the info in your commentary.

Diederick Wijmans said...

I enjoyed looking at this photo and reading your comments!! Thanks.

Chuck Pefley said...

You do well with this style of photo. Of course it helps to have a beautiful model, too :) Sounds like the two of you had a good time getting acquainted.