Sunday, March 23, 2008

Winter Panorama

Winter Panorama

I took a morning walk along a few new roads in the neighbourhood. As Tungelsta is growing a few forested areas have been cleared and houses are being built around Skolvägen, close to Aspnäs and the old school. These houses are older but the yellow one where Lars Gustafsson lives has been renovated and repainted a few years ago. To the left you can see some of the greenhouses at Rosenhill. The panorama looks better at the original size. I have collected photos from this area in a flickr set I call Skogsekeby.


Keith said...

Beautiful scene. Great panorama.

Sanctus Belle said...

You live in a postcard.

Steffe said...

Lots of changes in this area so I will go back a few times so that I don't miss anything.