Saturday, March 29, 2008



This is Micke. I met him in Västerhaninge today. I asked if I could take his portrait for the 100 Stranger project and he happily agreed. Mikael lives in Sorunda and works at Coca-Cola in Jordbro, and was on his way to work. His hobbies are cars and motorcycles. Although it's probably much more than a hobby. He owns a Harley Davidson and an old Volvo PV, both ongoing restoration projects. On weekends he often goes for long drives up to Dalarna (200 kilometres one way), just for a cup of coffee! Almost every year he flies over to Los Angeles. After one night at a hotel he takes off in his rental car and drives away into the desert. On one trip he drove through eleven states. On another US visit, he was in Texas, and was pulled over for speeding by a Texas Highway Patrol outside Amarillo. After the cop learned that he was from Sweden he got away with a warning. Hear this, fun facts about Mikael: he doesn't own a cell phone. Or a computer, and he doesn't even have a stereo in his car, an old Amazon that he bought from an old lady for 700 SEK!


iBlowfish said...

Cool shot!

stromsjo said...

Real good shot, goes well with the story.

Kris McCracken said...

Fantastic concept here. I'd never have the nerve, but good on you!

It's amazing how you can coax such interesting stories out of anyone in the street.

Thanks for sharing it!

Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks. Much appreciated comments. This is the best project I have joined for a long long time.