Sunday, March 02, 2008

Manhem is no more

Manhem is no more

This is what remains of Manhem at Manhemsbacken (Manhem Hill), along Södertäljevägen. I took a photo here last year. Yesterday on my way to Djurgårdsgrind (photos later), I was shocked to see that Mannhem had been destroyed in a fire. The house was built back in 1937 by Otto Arrhenius. He was a gardener and at the time had the longest greenhouses in Tungelsta, they measured 60 meters. Arrhenius had two daughters. One of them Karen, went to school with my mother, who still has a book given to her as a gift from Karen. It's in Danish as Mrs Arrhenius came from Denmark. Later the house was rented by a guy called Folke Hellqvist. I googled the address and the current owner is a woman called Ann Elisabeth Holmberg who I don't know. My mother told me that it was a peculiar house, with doors and rooms where you didnt expect them to be. And now it's history. Bigger photo.


iBlowfish said...

I feel sorry for the lose of this beautiful house to the fire. It's interesting story behind it.

Erik "Semlan" Kling said...

En dramatisk bild! Ser "sorgset ut" på något vis.
Kanske beror det på egna minnen av ödehus som eldhärjats. Ödehus som ibland var som en fristad för barn/ungdomar. Ett sådant hus i Segeltorp hade vi ungar som lekte cowboys och indianer (detta var på 60-talet). När det brann ner till grunden var vi ett sorgset gäng som såg på förödelsen och "stölden" av vårt perfekta "lekrum". Första titten på din blogg, mänga fina bilder!

Steffe said...

More news today. I heard the sirens ans saw a few fire trucks, and turned on the radio. A lorry had overturned at the Manhem Hill only meters from this house. I will post the story here tomorrow.