Monday, September 11, 2017

Panning Shots

Ride of Hope Peace Cannondale Stanley Security
Four panning shots of cyclists taking part in the VELOTHON Stockholm race that took place yesterday. I'm still going through my photos. I took around 800 photos and was quite pleased with that number. Then as the closing car drove by in the early afternoon I invited two photographers that I had just met to coffee at the FikAnn cafe and was impressed by both of them. Both when it came to equipment and numbers. Lars told me that he had been out since five in the morning! He shot at f/11 when snapping cyclists coming directly at him so to speak. He used a tripod and didn't move around much, very unlike my method as I prefer the panning action. The other guy, (didn't get his name), used a zoom lens ten times more expensive than mine and he had taken 3800 photo during the race. Expect a few more posts from this bike race in the coming days.


Stuart said...

You've got the panning technique down perfectly. I like it because it blurs the backgrounds and conveys well the sense of speed.

William Kendall said...

That second one's my favourite of this set.

Richard Butler Creagh said...

Great panning photos! Keep it up!