Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sixteen Recent Snaps

Sixteen Recent Snaps
Funny weather of late. These are some snaps from around Haninge taken this month. Yellow crocus found at home. Roof tiles at the construction site in Lillgården in Tungelsta. Snowdrops at Krigslida. Ice fishing at the Lower Lake at the Rudan nature reserve. Family fun out on the ice at the Upper Lake. Ice bracelet found near the old tree. New greenhouse at the Nödesta farm. Say after me: Hasselhängen. The new commuter station in Tungelsta. A bird! Snow on a chair. Zooming in on a house at Kvarnvägen in Tungelsta, photo taken from the hill at Bergdalen, (where I live). Two skiers at Rudan. More crocuses from home. Construction workers at Lillgården. People working out at the outdoor gym at Rudan.


William Kendall said...

The bird is my favourite of these.

Gunn said...

I love the way you created this.
I know you are good at it, and I also like the others you have put together.