Thursday, October 13, 2016

16 Recent October Snaps

16 Recent October Snaps
One of Jonas Nobel's sculptures have been tagged. Blue plant with the old smithy at Nedersta in the background. Tools used for the Charcoal Kiln at Gålö. Nathalia at the cafe earlier this week. A guy from the municipality trying out the new outdoor gym at Rudan. The outhouse at Noors täppa, ( I used it, you really didn't need to know that). Jesters at the Viking festival. I wish I had asked the blonde girl for a portrait as she was very photogenic. Sail-boats out on the bay near Gålö Havsbad. The last outdoor sitting at the cafe, October 4th. Ceramics by Annika Carell at the Viking festival. My fixie ink bike parked near the old tree. XRF899. Licence plate number of a part dumped at the household waste recycling centre in Tungelsta. Handicap beach at Rudan . Attacking Viking. Products for sale at the Frönäs farm at Gålö. Your typical Autumn snap from a forest in Tungelsta.

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William Kendall said...

Quite a contrast in images!