Saturday, June 08, 2013

National Day Celebrations

Sixteen Recent Snaps

I visited the Brandbergen festival in Handen during our National Day earlier in the week. And here are a collage of snaps plus a slideshow with photos from that visit. There was a tivoli with rides for the children. A lot of food were offered. Some of the political parties were presest as were a few local organisations. I watched a dance show, chatted with a few familiar people, including the local Santa!, a clown and a blacksmith. I also met a few new faces, including Margareta Exström (the lady with the hat), and of course the cute police officer.


Peter said...

Looks a sunny happy national day. Love those action dance photos, but my favourite was the two nuns.

Stefan Jansson said...

I have met one of the nuns a few times before. Took her portrait a few years ago, so it should be on the blog as well.