Sunday, August 29, 2010



The cultural collective Levande Zon arranges theatre productions and musical events at Gula Villan (The Yellow House), in Haninge. This year they got a cultural scholarship from the municipality. It was presented during the Haninge Day celebrations last Saturday. This is one of the two women from the collective that were at hand to receive the award. Meet Petra. She is an art student at Ågesta folk high school. She is from Haninge, but will now move in to a collective apartment in Tyresö. I had hoped to photograph Petra and her friend Sanna during Haninge Day, but missed them when two of my friends arrived, so when I spotted Petra outside the cultural centre on a few days later I decided to ask her for a portrait.


Halcyon said...

She has the artist "look". Very nice portrait.

Anonymous said...

She is cute. I think she looks very much artistic.

Leeds Daily Photo said...

Not like you to miss a girl... But you caught her in the end. Paul