Wednesday, August 18, 2010

People at the park

The Redheads

Rock and Roll Baby

A Familiar Face

Around six hundred people gathered in the park in Tungelsta on Saturday for the annual rock festival, Trädgårdsrock. It was a good day. Very warm and sunny. As per usual I took a few portraits. The Rock and Roll Baby on the top photo was probably the youngest visitor. The redheads on the second photo has a short story attached to it. I met one of the girls ( the one to the left), earlier in the day in Västerhaninge, and asked for a portrait, but she turned me down claiming never to look good in front of a camera. But when I spotted her with a friend in the park a few hours later she changed her mind and I'm glad to proove that her assumption was wrong!
The guy on the third photo is Putte. We were in the same class for 12 years, if you count pre-school and Secondary School. If you would like to know how he looked back in 1983, press here. He told me that he reads my blog every day, a good way to keep up with what's happening in Haninge as he no longer lives here.


Olivier said...

la photo du bebe est une photo culte ;) superbe

Kate said...

Ah, yes! "those were the days"--loved the photos on your link. Wonder what your friends feel about both the pictures and the nostagic aura around them? The "rock and roll" baby is being indoctrinated early...glad the earphones are protecting him.

Buck said...

I love how the baby's Mum is thinking of his hearing. The food packages are interesting too; little glimpses of life across the water.

Your portraits are excellent.

Rambling Round said...

Quite a diverse group that like rock n roll.

Washington said...

The red hair girls are beautiful!

Birdman said...

I wondered right off if they were wigs! Friends make you do things out of your comfort zone... and that's good.

Ineke said...

haha, that flickr page brought back memories.

Steffe, you should get yourself a publisher and make book of all those portraits when you have, say 500 people or something. Or publish it yourself.