Monday, July 19, 2010

A Local Legend

A Local Legend

This is Tompa Eken. He is a legend in the punk/alternative music scene in Haninge and Stockholm. He has arranged hundreds of gigs with thousands of bands over the last thirty years. When I met him in Handen earlier this summer he was on his way to set up yet another gig at Gula Villan (The Yellow House), in Handen. Featured artist that evening was Nicke from Hellacopters. Tompa was also heavily involved with Ultrahuset ( another legendary music scene in Handen), and at Kafe 44 in Stockholm. But if you ask anyone, his home-baked buns are what made him famous, and he was going to bake some buns this afternoon, and I'm sure they were a big hit as was probably the music. Below are a slideshow with interiour photos from Gula Villan, taken on a visit a while back. As always happens these days I met a familiar face while shooting those photos. Mika, a local musician that you have met before.


Pervaiz said...

I visit your blog first time. It is so nice and lovely. I like your idea of blog.

Luis Gomez said...

Great portrait Steffe.

Steffe said...

Thanks Luis, glad someone enjoyed the portrait if Tompa Eken.

Scylla said...

Åh, kära kära Tommy Eken! :)