Thursday, October 15, 2009

Organizers and Volunteers


The Race Organizer

The Announcer's Booth

To successfully arrange such a big race as the 25manna at Nytorps Ängar with 9000 runners and a few thousand spectators you need a lot of volunteers. And so here are a few portraits of said volunteers. Haninge has two orienteering clubs. OK Ravinen and Haninge SOK and they worked side by side during this event. I visited the site a couple of days before the race and managed to get a few words with two of the people in charge. On the second photo you can see Ola Kåberg from OK Ravinen. Ola is himself a former orineteer and has a silver medal from the National Junior Championships as his biggest achievement. He told me some interesting facts about the race as did Lars-Eric from Haninge SOK whom you can see on the third photo, posing in the announcers booth. When I told Lars-Eric where to find my photos he said he was already familiar with some of my work and he mentioned the set with The Old Tree photos. Apart from 300 members of the organising clubs an extra 210 volunteers from other Stockholm clubs helped out. As did Yvonne from The Swedish National Home Guard. The Home Guard served food from their mobile kitchen. As I walked up to Yvonne for a photo she were on her lunch break which I figured would be the perfect photo. She was enjoying some pyttipanna


brattcat said...

I'll have to google pytapanni to see what she was eating.

B SQUARED said...

It takes a lot of dedicated people to pull off a successful event of that magnitude.

Steffe said...

Ha, you need to spell it correct to find that out brattcat!

Vogon Poet said...

Love the behind-the-scenes guys and after a successful search for pyttipanna declare it very good, even yummy!