Monday, April 28, 2008

Swedish Whitebeam

That Old Tree (November 18th)
Ploughing the field

If you have been to this photo blog before, there's a pretty good chance that you have seen one of my favorite places. And here it is again. This is Välsta, a rural part of Tungelsta with open fields, a horse farm two hills and . Check out the original size. It's 16215 by 1024. I started a weekly project at flickr a few years ago where I took a photo of this old tree, a Swedish Whitebeam every week for one year. After I finished the project, people mailed me and asked me to continue which I did. By now I have walked down the path 140 times for a photo! In snow storms and heat waves, as well as sunrises, sunsets and more. Here is a misty version from 18 months ago.


stromsjo said...

Any idea how old it could be?

Stefan Jansson said...

Not really, but earlier this year, I got an email from a man who did spend some time at the Välsta farm as a kid some fifty years ago. He gave me some photos and in one, you can clearly see this tree, and it looked pretty much the same back then!

stromsjo said...

So we're talking centuries.