Thursday, April 17, 2008



The farms at Hammarby, in a rural part of Haninge dates back to 1650. Back then it was three farms. Today what is known as Hammarby Gård is a modern farm with cattle, seen here, and Bashkir pony's. The farm, run by the Norlin family is very popular and visitors come her to ride on the ancient breed of horses. If you understand Swedish you read more on their web site.

Bigger photo.


Kris McCracken said...

They are good looking cows. Are they Frisians or a Swedish breed?

Mitch said...

Moo, Moo to you too!
Great cows, wet noses;
thanks for the comment on my sheep, come back for the goat!
- Mitch in Minneapolis

agrajag said...

They're cute. Spotty is cute.

Steffe said...

Thanks all. You got me there kris, will have to find that out!