Friday, April 11, 2008

History lesson

Handen Runestone

On a rainy day (prove me wrong), in the year 1008 (give or take a few years), towards the end of the Viking Age, local Viking, Anund (or Ônundr), decided to have a runestone made as a remembrance after his father Vikinge. He gave the job to Halvdan, who had a reputation as a decent runestone carver. Today people disagree to what the inscription says, but it's something like Anund and ... raised this stone in memory of Vikinge their father, Stori's son. When the job was done, the stone was placed here in central Handen. Since then it has been moved a couple of times. As of a couple of days ago it can be seen at the entrance to the cultural centre at Poseidon's Square in Handen. Later today, local historian Olle Flodby (who claims that this is the original location of the ancient stone), together with a group of politicians will gather around the runestone for the offical unveiling.

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ritalounge said...

Great capture! I do like the contrast and the composition. Thanks for sharing with us!