Monday, October 22, 2007

City Hall

City Hall

Another look at City Hall in Handen. The local politicians moved in here a few months ago. It used to be known as Teliahuset before that. Normally there's a giant antennae on the roof, but as Kenny Lex (a flickr contact),threatened to climb up on it to take pictures I removed it! To access some parts of the building these days you need to fill out a form and the top floors are closed. I sent a mail to them with the idea (nicked from Kenny), to build a tower on the roof and open it for the public. From that tower you would be able to see Lake Rudan and much more. I got a quick response saying that the idea would be passed on to the people in charge.


Glenn Standish said...

Very modern! Thanks for the comment over at TORUŃ DP!

Dina said...

Lovely photos, I like your blog.